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'So full of artless jealousy is guilt,
that spills itself in fearing to be spilt.'


The King of Denmark is dead. His brother Claudius has married the widowed queen and now sits on the throne. Hamlet Prince of Denmark is sworn to revenge his father's foul and most unnatural murder.

Shakespeare wrote to be heard.

Victorian Theatre Company and Melbourne Shakespeare Company present Hamlet: A Radio Play. Featuring some of Melbourne's most celebrated classical actors, this production takes the listener deep into a sonic world of language, music and atmosphere.

Pocket Size Theatre

'I found myself completely entranced'

Kate Herbert

'Connell's voice is honeyed and warm, subtly and intimately seeps into our ears. We can almost feel his breath on our cheek'

'Menzies' Ghost has gravitas and a sonorous resonance that almost send shivers down our spines'

Evelyn Krape (Gertrude)
Mark Wilson (Claudius)
Matthew Connell (Hamlet)
Robert Menzies (The Ghost)
Emily Goddard (Ophelia)
Brian Lipson (Polonius)
Laurence Young (Laertes)
Andy Song (Horatio)
Liliana Dalton (Rosencrantz)
May Jasper (Guildenstern)
Richard Moss (The Player King & The Gravedigger)
Milijana Cancar (The Player Queen)
Andrew Carolane (Lord Osric)
Kurtis Lowden (Reynaldo, Lucianus, The Priest)



Kurtis Lowden, Matthew Connell (Directors)
Jennifer Sarah Dean (Associate Director)
Thomas Kunz (Composition, Production & Recording)
Chelsea Neate (Visual Design)
Jak Scanlon (Photography & Videography)

Made in 2020.

 © Victorian Theatre Company Inc. 2020

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