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Victorian Theatre Company formed in 2020 and makes experimental theatrical works.

We are made up of six artists from different fields: an actor, a director, a producer, a sound designer, a graphic designer & a film maker. 

Our first production was a radio play. We thought language and voice was a good place to start and it was something our sound designer could test some new ideas on. As it turns out, that year theatre moved online so we found ourselves developing the right kind of work.

We have since presented five shows with our fifth due for May 2023.


The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

Our hearts are set on creating theatre that exists in and of itself. There is a theatrical truth that can only be realised onstage - sometimes it resembles our real lives, sometimes not.  We want to make theatre that is unapologetically itself. 


We are attracted to writing that is honest. We like working with actors who speak with their true voice and reveal the human parts of themselves that are usually hidden from the world.

We are inspired by artists like Jenny Kemp, Richard Murphet, Barrie Kosky, Lindy Davies, Evelyn Krape, Robert Menzies & Roslyn Oades. 

Matthew Connell
Creative Director, Actor & Founder

Jennifer Dean
Producer & Director

Jak Scanlon
Producer & Filmmaker

Kurtis Lowden
Producer & Founder

Thomas Kunz
Sound Designer 

Chelsea Neate
Designer and Filmmaker 

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